Executive Team

Albert Mackoty



Albert is an  innate leader. Prior to his current role as President of the SLCBC, he served as Vice-President and Communications Secretary for SLCBC in 2015/16. His work has always been focused on meeting the strategic needs of the organization.

Albert is a Sierra Leonean – Canadian, born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone who now lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia with his wife and four children.

Albert is an Accountant with extensive experience in the for-profit, nonprofit and government sectors -helping internal and external organizational stakeholders make better business decisions by providing them with financial information. He currently works at Fraserway RV as National Accounting Manager, and enjoys trying out his entrepreneurship projects. He  also currently serves on the board  of the People’s Foundation of Sierra Leone (TPFSL), a charitable organization empowering students to create change in themselves and their communities in Sierra Leone.


Albert is passionate about helping Sierra Leone become a better place and is committed to issues around leadership, entrepreneurship, and community development.   

Patrick Bunduka



Patrick is one of a special kind who has joined our team replacing Lansana Kamara. He comes a unique experience in community organization and leadership. Patrick holds a Master's and post graduate degree in International Law from People's Friendship University, in Moscow, Russia, specializing in International Organizations. He speaks English, Russian, Mende and Krio.


While living and studying in Moscow, Patrick was a very active member of the Sierra Leone Students’ Union(SLSU), serving in various capacities as an executive member; representing the SLSU by understanding and communicating all policies and positions of the Union; reporting at each meeting significant information which may affect the Union's operation or it's membership subject to confidentiality or reason of the law; campaigning on issues affecting students, and acting as a liaison between the student body and the Sierra Leone embassy in Moscow, Russia. He was also a member of the Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy, an English-speaking congregation consisting of nearly 300 members from 30 different countries. In particular, Patrick faithfully served in the various social ministries of the Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy. For many years he worked as a volunteer in the soup kitchen ministry of the church, serving warm meals to elderly Russians and helping to meet their physical and emotional needs. In 1998 he was hired by the church as a full-time coordinator of one of the soup kitchens, overseeing the daily operations of this ministry program. He also served as an usher at worships services and as a member of the Young Adults and Students community, taking part in regular fellowship and offering lectures on various subjects to its members.


Patrick also holds a Social Service Worker (SSW) certificate from Vancouver's Langara College. Worked at Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia for a short period of time.


Patrick has proven to be a reliable and capable servant. He is a warm and generous person and is always ready to serve when called upon, and works easily and with others. Patrick works at Iron Mountain Corporation, Canada. He works to bridge the physical and digital information ecosystem of their customers, addressing their increasing concerns regarding data privacy and compliance, and enabling their transition from storing records to managing information.


Patrick was born in Kono and raised in Bo. He lives in Pitt Meadows with his beautiful wife, Esther.

Valda Sufian-Kargb


Communications Secretary

Valda is a trained counsellor with extensive leadership experience working in the nonprofit sector. She has 18 years experience in crisis counselling, and 6 years in immigration and settlement in Canada.  


Valda currently works with new immigrant families, specializing in the unique settlement needs of youth aged 13 to 30 years, and supervises other staff dealing with the settlement needs of seniors. She has created programs, and delivered training solutions designed to support new immigrants in Canada.


Prior to this, Valda served as Executive Director of the Crisis Pregnancy Centre in Aldergrove, an organization that helps young women in crisis and their families. She designed programs that provides support and information on pregnancy options and Sexual Education programs for schools.


Valda owns and manages her private practice -My Best Life Counselling Services, where she does one-on-one and group counselling to help people deal with life's stressors.


Valda is also the founder of the Canadian Chapter of Dream Home, an orphanage for Ebola orphans located in Wellington, Sierra Leone.


Valda’s educational background includes graduate studies in Counselling Psychology and undergraduate studies in Psychology and Criminology.


Valda maintains a servant leadership style and firmly adheres to an open door policy.

Lovette Roberts


Organizing Secretary

Lovette brings special management qualities key to the efficient functioning of the executive team and the community. She is methodical, well organized, with an orderly mind.


Lovette is a trained Community Health Worker with 4.0 Honours in RCA. As a dedicated Community Health Worker and Community Living Counsellor, she believes not only in removing the problem of the last mile, but also promoting healthy communities and healthy children through multi-pronged intervention. Ultimately motherhood has been her greatest blessing—with two handsome boys.


Lovette was born in Freetown. She attended the Government Technical Secondary School and the YWCA institute. Arriving in Canada, she pursued community health studies through Sprott Shaw Community College.


Lovette is a dedicated leader and active member of the Sierra Leonean Community of British Columbia.

Admire Agbayewa



Admire is a Registered Nurse, community builder, and a mother of five beautiful girls. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Trinity Western University, and later pursued another Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Douglas College. As a BSN graduate, Admire was educated to provide safe, competent and compassionate nursing care grounded in theory and professional standards.


What's unique about Admire is the way she balances the life of a nurse with the life of a busy mother. Working as a Registered Nurse at Surrey Memorial Hospital has allowed her to give back to the community.


Admire is dynamic, as evident in her professional career, with great attention to detail, timeliness in completing tasks, neat and accurate record keeping, and her willingness to ask questions makes her the perfect fit for the position of Treasurer. She had made a commitment to help build our community, and she is willing and able to work with everyone to help move our community forward.