Farewell VP Lansana & Safia

It is with a mix of deep gratitude and sadness that the Executive team and Advisory Committee announce Lansana Kamara's resignation as Vice President of SLCBC effective June 1st, 2017. Since 2015, Lansana has a played strong role as a member of our community, and that role became even more critical to the development and success of the community upon his election to Vice President. While we will miss him and his inspiring leadership, we wish him the best of luck in his new endeavours. We cannot thank Lansana and Safia enough for the dedication, passion, enthusiasm and motivation, evident by the significant accomplishments they have shown our community in the few months. They will be greatly missed. We look forward to following their success in their careers and are hopeful and excited for the next chapter of SLCBC as we continue to improve our community.

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